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Posted by ECDVC Victim Advocate
5.4.2016 10:23 PM

"But Isn't Divorce a Sin?" by Advocate via The National Domestic Violence Hotline
Religious beliefs are extremely personal and can have a powerful influence on a person’s life. A rich religious or spiritual life can provide meaning and purpose, as well as comfort and hope during dark moments. Unfortunately, in an abusive relationship a victim’s religious beliefs can be used against them.




Posted by ECDVC Victim Advocate
5.3.2016 3:23 PM

This Is Why I Didn’t Tell You He Was Beating Me by Janice Fuller-Roberts via Dame Magazine
Understanding the mind-set of a victim of domestic violence is almost impossible to do. Unless, like this writer, you’ve been one.


Posted by ECDVC Victim Advocate
4.4.2016 7:49 PM

I Didn't Just Fall Down the Stairs by Shawna Kenney via Dame Magazine
Janay Palmer is not ready to share her story yet, and she may never. But she has inspired other women to, like this writer, who suffered at the hands of an ex 20 years ago.


Posted by ECDVC Victim Advocate
3.31.2016 11:16 PM

 More Resources Needed to Help Domestic Violence Victims Regain Financial Independence via NNEDV News

New data finds that nearly 400 domestic violence programs reported financial assistance as a significant unmet need in 2015.

Posted by ECDVC Victim Advocate
2.18.2016 10:33 AM


A Glimpse From the Field: How Abusers Are Misusing Technology by Kaofeng Lee via
The Safety Net Project recently surveyed victim service providers on the misuse of technology by abusers. Of the programs surveyed, 97 percent reported that the survivors they are working with experience harassment, monitoring, and threats by abusers through the misuse of technology.



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